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Atomic Robo follows the thrice Eisner Award nominated adventures of a robot adventurer through a century of sci-fi action. Every single comic is available online at and we're uploading new pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And while getting tons of free comics is great, we know a lot of folks prefer to own a physical copy. So with the help of our maniacal fans and Kickstarter we're printing our newest volume Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od as a super deluxe ultra fancy hardcover.

But that's not all!

Real Science Adventures is our spinoff series where we tackle stories from around Robo's world! Just like our main series everything is available online for free, but why not give 'em the ultra deluxe super fancy hardcover treatment too? We're kicking things off with The Flying She-Devils: Raid on Marauder Island because lady air pirates = hell yeah. This volume features art by our friend Lo Baker and a shorter Sparrow story drawn by our buddy Wook Jin Clark.

We've already published ten hardcovers thanks to Kickstarter and you maniacs, so we've seen everything that can tie up a production cycle. Here's how we're kicking all that stuff right in the guts: these books are finished. The layouts are finished. The files are already locked in with the printer! They sent proofs. Behold!

Available Rewards:

$60USD + Shipping

Both Hardcovers + Both PDFs + More

Achieve a sense of order in this vast chaotic world by nabbing both books in hardcover and PDF format. But that's not all! You get a patch, the print set, and signed bookplates.


  • Temple of Od - PDF
  • She-Devils - PDF
  • Temple of Od - Hardcover
  • She-Devils - Hardcover
  • The Patch
  • Set of Prints
  • Signed Bookplates
  • Thank You Page
$20USD + Shipping

Both PDFs + Thanks!

Take the mystery out of it and just get both books in delicious PDF format. And get named on our great big Thank You Page so everyone knows you helped to make Atomic Robo possible.


  • Temple of Od - PDF
  • She-Devils - PDF
  • Thank You Page

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